Thursday, September 28, 2006

Yep, more downtime!

Hanging out near the street just before lunch. This horse doesn't look too happy, but I think he was just camera shy!! Hey Jill!!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Takin' shots of the crowd - Janine here... we'll be seeing her on TV and the big screen someday soon. She's well on her way to SAG...she was in Invincible as well, real nice girl.

Secret Service

Look at this guy - he either looks pretty menacing, or constipated. Anyway.. I'm jealous. I wanted to be SS - and have the plastic machine gun!!!!

OK - this looks like a good spot. Hanging with a great group of people I met in the holding area. Great minds think alike! Hey, if anybody caught the name of this cop - he was cool dude.. played guitar in a rockabilly band..we talked about music for a bit and he provided some great laughs throughout the afternoon.

Gathering up the extras

.. just trying to find a great spot - a spot where I'm most likely to be seen.. Yeah, right!! lol


Uh.. some important-looking historical landmark behind the stage. That is terrible - I've always lived here but have never taken the historical tour in Philly. Slacker.

The Pres

Not particularly interesting, but this is the Presidents Limo that he rolls up in... shortly after that things got a little crazy....

The Stage

It was at this point I realized I was standing on a rickety old concrete balcony with 6 other people...Downstairs with the quickness!


Did some background work on a film in Philly over the weekend called "Shooter". Mark Wahlberg and Danny Glover, snipers, and arch bishops, and presidents.... Met some great people and saw some I had met from the set of Invincible last year. It was a great time (long and tiring, but great! lol). Here is an overhead shot of the speech scene that was filming that day.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Los mixin' it up at the fiesta.



Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Me and the dummies are outa here - heading to the bar.

Greg... was it something I said?? Hey, where are you going? (for some reason his trailer was across and down the street - he had to cross traffic to get there!)


NIce stadium view overall, but I'd rather be on the 50 yard line.

Evidently this gray-haired guy was the male lead from "Flashdance" way back in the day. That's the first time I felt I was wasting digital film.

Marks gym trailer on the right. His other trailers on the left. His personal chef cooking every day at quitting time. Man, those ribs smelled killer.


Love the hair, Greg. Between shots he was having a blast out there - running routes with the players, throwing and catching bombs in the end zone and the crowd would go nuts, but also boo him when he missed. Gotta love Philly football fans!!

... and for the ladies... Mark Walberg making us fellas look bad. Yup. That was my camera again. I guess it plays for both teams. Eeww.

They used the crane for top-down shots of the players on the field. Groovus.

A $250,000 camera. I stayed very far away from that thing.

Greg Kinnear as Dick Vermeal (I don't know if I spelled either name right).

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! I'm gonna have nightmares after this pic!!!!!!!!!!!

Whoa!! I remember the helmet cars!!!!! The MLB had the hat cars too.

QUIET ON THE SET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *cough*

Oh yeah... there was a movie being filmed out there on the field. Let's take a look.

Interesting thing... Women didn't wear bras back in the 70's.

Catchin' some buns..... I mean some shade off the set.

What the?

Whoa this camera has a mind of it's own. Honestly I didn't press the shutter button.

I found Jerome. Who's being punished here? Him, or the dummies?!!! lol

Here's me hanging out with a couple of my new friends. Didn't talk much, but they didn't complain either. Evidently there was over 4000 of these dummies populating the stadium - with my luck they'll make the film and I'll be on the cutting room floor!! I think they have more charisma anyway.

This guy Jerome (Romy-Rome) entertained everyone, hittin' on all the ladies and crackin' jokes, playin' his radio, dancing, and just being hilariously obnoxious. They moved Jerome shortly after that.

LOVE the 70's threads, Man!! They said it was 120 degrees on out there on the field. Whew!!

Here are a couple shots from the last two weeks on the set of Disney's "Invincible". An Eagles football movie set in 1976 so you'll see some killer clothes here!! lol All pics are from Franklin Fiels at the U of Penn. Nice place.

Monday, July 25, 2005

The crowd favorite here is Karl's Head-O-meter. That day he was pretty close to having his head a splode. Oh, and the Bacon soda and the revival of Mr T. were hits too.

This illustration shows the result of what I ate at the company picnic - and how I felt at the time. That fire hydrant was tough as hell, but I ate it.

mmmmm..... bacon. The story of the "oversized items" is a classic. Home Depot - I was buying a rake and a shovel - and to save time we (Karl, Joe P. and I) went to the computerized self-checkout lane. We got caught in the inevitable "Please remove item from bagging area/ replace item in bagging area" endless loop of doom.. and then the lady got tired of watching us try to fake out the machine (I'm sure it was funny to her for the first 15 minutes or so) and came over. She pointed out that the sign to the right says, "Oversized items go here" or something like that - and when we looked there was a second sign with a picture of the exact rake and shovel that I was buying. How classic. We laughed so hard I'm sure they were about to bring out the straight-jackets for us. That was one of my proudest "Hey, I'm and idiot!!!!" moments. Proud Member of the North American Galoot club since '87.

My favorites here are the robot locust and the Pope in the woods. What's the Pope doing in the woods?

Hello all, I am still alive!! Here are some more pics of "the board" -

Friday, April 22, 2005

Jessi got herself into a mess here.

Man, that Matthew is practicing already - I can hear it now, "Hello beautiful, going my way?!!"

The marker board lives on.... This was not one of our stranger ones.. we have to try harder next time.

Ahhhhhhhh, let the burning...uh.. I mean grilling begin!!

Well, I decided to keep the chocolate color - and I'll make the forward wall some sort of beige. I dunno, we'll see!

Friday, April 08, 2005

One last pic - Surrounds in place - sounds perfect. But that chocolate. That might have to go! Maybe I can get away with a two-tone... upper half a lighter color and the bottom half can stay. I dunno.

Ahhhh, the comfy couch. Art desk and Matt's Spiderman chair. And the kick@ss TV!